Mermaid Leggings is unique because it protects enviroment and make women beautiful. IT is a group of people who believe women can be beautiful in their dressing and real life, at the same time they get the strengthen to benifit and protect the world through little  things they do daily. Our Mission is pile up teh little Good things you can do  and protect the earth. What can make our life and our customer better is we do everything enviroment friendly, the material we chose to make clothing and the manufacture process can make enviroment “GREEN”.  DO not desipise the little things you do, can you image how mant leggings women cosume in one year? If 1% of them become enviroment friendly, we can save many plants and animal and sea life. so do not hestate, join us, make your life beautiful and make the earth “GREEN”. Welcome to be one of our mission carrier and better world maker, chose Mermaid Leggings, Chose better life!